Access Control Systems

What is an Access Control System

An access control system allows or restricts access to a room, a building or any designated secure area. It is an electronically powered form of physical security that manages who has access to any particular location at any particular time.  An authorized person who wants to enter an access controlled area presents their credentials, which could be physical, such as a key card or fob, or digital, such as an app on a mobile device. The person makes an unlock request at a card reader, which then sends the information to an Access Control Unit, which verifies the credentials, then authorizes the user and triggers the door to unlock.

On the administrative side, an access control system has a management dashboard or portal. This control portal allows office administrators, IT managers or security to specify who can access the areas and under what conditions. Management can create settings based on shifts, time of day, the persons rank or job title and more. This system works great for businesses, as well as residential buildings.  

Who Uses An Access Control System

  • Multi-Dwelling Residential Housing
  • Worship Centers
  • Healthcare Centers
  • Large Enterprise Businesses
  • Small to Medium Businesses
  • Education Facilities
  • Government Buildings

Benefits Of An Access Control System

  • Ease of Access
  • No Traditional Keys
  • Keep track of who comes and goes
  • Keep out unwanted visitors
  • Creates a safer environment
  • Reduces theft and vandalism
  • Can provide access to multiple buildings in different locations

6 Ways Electronic Access Technology Enables a More Connected Experience

  1. Safety
    • Increases overall safety and security
  2. Location
    • Track the movements of people to better understand crowd control or communications opportunities on premise
  3. Census
    • Adjust for patient census in healthcare settings
  4. Infrastructure
    • Provides inventory control
  5. Logistics
    • Direct resources such as electricity, HVAC, deliveries and other systems to the right areas at the right time for optimal energy efficiency, comfort and user convenience
  6. Customer Service
    • Create an ideal resident, worker or guest experience

Balance cost, efficiency, and convenience

First we assess your property’s needs. Then we create the most effective access system to meet them

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