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Why You Need An Outdoor Audio System

Most of us enjoy sitting outdoors on a nice day or evening, sipping on a nice cool beverage and enjoying the company of friends and family.  Having an outdoor audio system helps create a more inviting and relaxing atmosphere for you and your guests.  Whether you enjoy soft, soothing jazz music or rocking out to your favorite pop artists, our outdoor speaker systems provide clear,  consistent sound to enhance your outdoor area.  

The Benefits of Ceiling Speakers in your Lobby or Office Space

1. Clean aesthetic

There’s no denying how nice ceiling speakers can look once they’re installed in the ceiling. All you see is a clean white grill, which is usually paintable so you can match the colour perfectly with your ceiling, so you and your guests will hardly notice the speaker is even there. 

Ceiling speakers don’t take anything away from the room. Music will blend right into the background and you never really notice where the music is coming from. If you are trying to keep a clean, minimalistic finish in your room, ceiling speakers are the perfect solution.

2. Space Saver 

Benefit number 2 is all about how much space you save from having your speakers in the ceiling and the lack of wires and clutter that is so unappealing to look at. For this reason, ceiling speakers are well suited to public areas where you might be worried about speakers getting knocked over or just cluttering up the visual space.

3. Flexible positioning & more immersive

The freedom of positioning you have with ceiling speakers means you can direct the sound to the room’s most habitable areas and create a really nice immersive sound. An example would be walking into a lobby area of a hotel and hearing the nice background music, but you never really see the source.   Wall mounted speakers are usually more directional, and your experience will be significantly affected by where you are in the room. With ceiling speakers, you can put them in the perfect locations in your area and as the drivers face downwards into the room, everyone gets a nice balanced sound throughout the space.

4. Impressive Sound Quality

Number 4 brings us to sound quaility.  Despite how relatively small they are, ceiling speakers can deliver beautifully detailed music and enhance the atmosphere of your lobby or office.  Our speakers have a self contained backer box that not only protects the speaker, but helps enhance the sound quality, similar to how cabinet or tower speakers work.



Using TV’s for signage or background visuals

TV’s are a great way to add a visual first impression in your lobby and other common areas.  You can choose to use the TV as an information source through digital signage systems, as a digital photo display or just to have sports or other broadcasts on as a visual enhancement to your area.  Either way, this provides a nice clean backdrop to entertain guests as they are waiting to be seen or as they are just relaxing in your lobby.  TV’s are also a great wall decoration in gamerooms, fitness centers, and restaurants. 

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